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Hong Kong chronicles 03

This joke was quite popular in March in Hong Kong when bloggers noticed that after the hair salons were reopened, former Chief Executive of HK Carrie Lam looked a little bit different. So, the ban was lifted only for this purpose =)

Anyways, this post will be short and will be a summary of what changed in the city and how we survived in better circumstances than in Shanghai.

1. Pandemic preventive measures.

I think I already mentioned that in January we had a spike in new cases. In January and February, the local government announced that hair salons, stadiums, gyms, and playgrounds will be closed. In restaurants, only two people could sit at a table. Police were patrolling streets checking if people sit closer than 1.5 meters. Families, and domestic workers from Phillippines were fined on a regular basis. There were rumors of a complete lockdown but the authorities refused to implement the measures.

Some obstacles slowly started going away in March and even more in April. Still, there was a ban on many people per table, there was a mandate on using the LeaveHomeSafe app to track down your activities. Bars were closed. Only in May, they were reopened, and LKF, a famous spot for hook-ups and alcoholism. In May airports did not function normally though – Duty-Free shops were closed, and most of the venues were closed. But, on the bright side, the airport was empty and more comfortable to wander than usual.

2. What did I do during this period?

The last post is dated February 2022. Now is almost June. What did I do? Where the hell did I go and why didn’t I post stuff?

– I was working on my research proposal and presentation for the topic defense. It is the most important event that I had this year at Lingnan University. Failure would mean I wouldn’t be able to continue doing my Ph.D. in Hong Kong.

– Read a lot of material. But unfortunately, have to re-read some of the stuff because there was too much information.

– Was checking the news of course. You know why.

– Tried to fix things related to finance and stocks.

– Did hiking. More than usual.

– When gyms were opened did work out. Didn’t help much. Still feel I’m fat. Slower metabolism probably. Need to keep diet but now, in Moscow, it’s impossible.

– Planned my trip to Moscow. And interviews during my field trip. Still planning though.

Shortly what’s up.

And a photo of our BBQ hikes. We found it the only and the best way of retreating from the university workload and stupid pandemic rules.



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