Japanese stories. 07

At last we reached the final point of our trip to Japan. It took half a year to write all the posts. But it worth that. Yesterday I went to visa center and took a guideline for getting Japanese visa. I plan to visit this country during Chinese New Year. And I plan to go to some other places. Depends on my finances and work pressure.

In Yokohama in January I had only half a day. I surfed the internet about what to do, how to get to the Haneda airport. So, I was not far away from Yokohama to be honest staying on Shinbashi station. It took only 10 minutes to get there. Or so. It was a lunch break — many people left the offices and went to the nearest cafes. Same to pupils. With my backpack I went to the harbor.

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Japanese stories. 05

Slowly we’re getting closer to the end of my story about travel in Japan. Last time I told you about Shirakawa-go, small village not far from Nagoya. I wasn’t impressed much and in the evening left back to Nagoya. I had one night to stay and then go to Fujiyoshida by bus company «Willer Express». The hostel is called Wasabi Nagoya Ekimae. Very close to the railway and bus station — super convenient for travelers.

Fujiyoshida is a small town near mount Fuji. In winter it’s snowing almost everyday, but the whole place look very clean. Every night citizens and road service workers clean the snow. Small town has several malls, restaurants, hotels and guesthouses, lake and three tourist routes around the place.

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Japanese stories. 04

Here we go again. July is almost in its end and I’m back to my blog. I have several days left before my flight to see parents, so, I will try to push myself as hard as I can to finish Japanese posts and some of  the posts about what the hell I was doing all these months and why I was so silent here in the blog. It’s gonna be fun. I promise.

The picture to the post is the screenshot from anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

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Japanese stories. 03

Hi again!

Well, again I failed to fulfill my promise. Disappeared for a long time. What happened last month? The most annoying and major event happened was the crash of my HDD. I lost tons of photos and videos, software, documents. Photos, music, films I backuped as well as documents. But I didn’t back them up recently. So, here is the only backup of my Japanese photos from Osaka, Kyoto, beginning of the trip.

As you know these kind of events change the plans. As I lost most of my footage for the amateur movies we make, that was disappointing. Anyways I’m back and will tell you about my trip to Nagoya.

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Japanese stories. 02

Hello again, everyone! I’m very sorry I disappeared again and didn’t post anything for more than one month. Was busy with short movie making. has an interesting project to finish until the end of June. Going here and there, working. Well, very busy. Anyways will try to finish our short Japanese story in May and release interesting shots I had with comment necessary.

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Japanese stories. 01

Where did I stop last time? Oh, yeah. I arrived to Osaka and then had a fast bath session, then left to explore the streets. Well, the night wasn’t long, I was tired, exhausted and all I wanted just to have drinks, eat sushi and then fuck off back to my room. I also wanted to see a couple of bars, but was lazy to check everything beforehand.

My guesthouse was near Dobutsuen-Mae station. To get to the heart of night life in Osaka was easy — go up to Namba station. I didn’t have any bookmarks where to go and what to do in the evening, so I had to improvise. I read in Osaka near Namba it’s crazy, the place is crawling of tourists and Japanese hanging out, billions of tiny places to drink and eat. Well, I had plenty of choice to pick up what I wanted.

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Японские рассказы. Начало

Расписание поездов. Всё достаточно понятно, но лучше переспросить.

Доброго времени суток всем. Хотел написать больше постов, но поглотила рутина. Я должен сдать свой фильм-короткометражку до начала занятий, поэтому приходится проводить пост-продакшн и одновременно учиться, поскольку моих знаний в этом примерно так же, как в ядерной физике. Что-то знаю, а объяснить и сделать не могу.

В прошедший месяц мало чего интересного произошло в Шанхае. Город опустел, все разъехались по домам праздновать китайский новый год или, как он у нас тут называется, «Весенний фестиваль» (春节 — chun jie). Окончание фестиваля знаменует начало весны. У нас этот праздник называется «Масленница». У тюркских народов — «Навруз».

В Шанхае фейерверки запрещены, поэтому такого буйства и безумия, которое я видел на Хайнане, нет. Я наслаждался пустым городом, правда, многие магазины закрылись и из-за этого была масса проблем. Также я продолжал свою работу в баре. Это вообще отдельный разговор, которому я, вероятно, посвящу отдельный пост. Здесь много изменений и впечатлений, в том числе в части подготовки к соревнованиям.

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Шанхайские рассказы. 12. Визовый центр

Добрый день, друзья. С наступившим Новым годом!

В декабре я спланировал свою поезкду в Японию. Как известно, гражданам России для посещения Японии требуется японская виза. Ранее у меня уже был опыт получения виз за рубежом. Это не настолько муторный процесс, как может показаться. В ряде случаев надо поехать в посольство (как, например, во время моего путешествия в Камбоджу, когда я делал визу в КНР в посольстве КНР), в иных случаях нужно ехать в специализированный визовый центр. В этом посте я кратенько напишу, как сделал визу в Японию.

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