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There is nothing much I can tell you about Hong Kong since my last post.

I’m now in Russia, will head to grandmother and then to India. After, I will be back to Hong Kong and will have to undergo compulsory COVID-19 quarantine. So, before May 5th I had my topic defence at the university. I had to explain the idea of my research proposal, my further Ph.D. research for the board of our professors from Visual Studies department. It was a disaster. But I passed it. I made many notes and will try to follow them, fill the gaps I found during the defence.

Then, I went to Russia and spent a lot of time trying to plan interviews. Unfortunately, most of them were cancelled. I saw my friends, did some research work, watched films and even went to St. Petersburg. Next week I will spend reading and updating my research proposal. Then, I will fly to grandmother and will spend around two weeks with her. Next, will fly to India and will see my fellow and colleague, and my friends whom I met in Shanghai Theater Academy. Finally, on the 19th, I will be back to HK.

HK didn’t change much except elections of the new chief executive. Carrie Lam is leaving her post – it’s understandable. She’s under sanctions. She need some time to rearrange her future. New CE has police background. So, the grip on HK will be tight. The biggest events are happening now in mainland in July and November. That’s why HK will be in the shadow of Beijing and related events. Slowly, HK government is trying to apply COVID-19 easing measures. But they can’t do much because of the political struggle in mainland for the future configuration of posts within power hierarchy. At the same time, it grants unique opportunities to slowly lift flight bans (already done, not sure for how long) and quarantine mandates. Mask mandates would be intact for a while I guess.

Let’s see how it goes. I really miss mainland and miss HK.

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Moscow Offtopic / Московский оффтоп

Хотел бы сразу извиниться, что меня не было в блоге почти месяц. Дело в том, что в начале июля я прилетел в Москву и писать, в общем-то, было не о чем, нужно было заниматься делами и писать об этом тут не было смысла. Однако есть ряд тем, которые я не затронул и которые можно здесь осветить.

Для начала я напишу о том, что меня ждёт в августе, какие у меня планы на ближайшее время с блогом и будут ли когда-то видео.