Shanghai stories. 14

Hi again guys. It’s been a while. Hard month, busy days. But today I will share one more video we made at the beginning of this year.
Our topic in Chinese directing class was DATE. Not just a day — date with someone. I didn’t do anything there except editing. I spent almost the whole day and half the night for editing, changing music, changing voice, correcting voice over. Polishing took too much time and at the end I had to re-edit some of the elements. However the result was good, from my opinion. Anyways it’s a student short movie. The whole concept was interesting.

Let’s watch (above) and break it down!

1. I used Super 8 background footage to create the atmosphere of mystery and puzzle — something real is happening or it’s just a role play. Also I thought Super 8 is good to create old school look of the footage.

2. The beginning theme is taken from «The Prophecy» movie (with Christopher Walken). The theme is called «He is coming». It’s about archangel Gabriel and his inevitable chase of main characters. However, «he is coming» may be interpreted in two ways: either motion meaning (going somewhere) or speaking language meaning — ejaculation. So, we had a short movie with a narrative of perverted priest seducing blind girl — obviously the theme was a hint what’s going on.

3. Second music theme is «Enigma — Mea Culpa». This is also the reason I called the short movie «Mea Culpa». Translation from latin is «My fault». Fault, sin, as a priest’s sin of lust or the sin of two lovers using holy images to do foreplay. There is another meaning — Enigma was and I think still used by couples as a music for having sex =) I heard it from many people. And if you listen to the first disc they released — it’s full of sexuality, moaning, heavy breathing.
When Gregorian chorus is singing you can see the footage — heavy breathing, lips licking, eyes wide open — all mean sex and climax.

4. The only and main problem of the movie was voice over. Our actor doesn’t speak French, they didn’t practice a lot. They just did it in 2-3 hours. So, accent is thick, pronunciation is bad, French speakers barely can understand what was he talking about. Moreover the quality of the voice over itself is bad due to the use of iPhone. It may be used in a better way but you need to hide it and prepare the whole set. Better use special recorder.

5. Another problem was acting. Because the whole narrative and story are sexual, actors are not professionals — smiling, laughing and so on. Quality of acting is not top. On the contrary it’s funny.

6. When we had a class I told it’s my best editing by that moment. Many guys didn’t understand what was happening. The professor had many questions. I was disappointing by the reaction. However later I checked video again, I think half a year later and realized it’s really not good quality due to the footage in the room. The angles, camera, lights, acting, shadows — everything looks very very VERY amateur. Anyways it was cool experience.

What do you think about the video then? =)



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