Japanese stories. 07

At last we reached the final point of our trip to Japan. It took half a year to write all the posts. But it worth that. Yesterday I went to visa center and took a guideline for getting Japanese visa. I plan to visit this country during Chinese New Year. And I plan to go to some other places. Depends on my finances and work pressure.

In Yokohama in January I had only half a day. I surfed the internet about what to do, how to get to the Haneda airport. So, I was not far away from Yokohama to be honest staying on Shinbashi station. It took only 10 minutes to get there. Or so. It was a lunch break — many people left the offices and went to the nearest cafes. Same to pupils. With my backpack I went to the harbor.

On the harbor I saw only old people. No young ones, no middle ages, no teenagers. The place was kinda dead. Except birds, seagulls and cats. One you can see here =)

Amusement park was closed. So, I was walking around alone. And if it was night time, would look like Silent Hill.

This is the ship — local museum of navy. I didn’t go there obviously. Didn’t have much time. After my walk around and viewing the see I had around 3 hours to get to my plane. To be honest I didn’t feel any grief or sadness that I leave Japan. I had enough of memories and emotions. And planned to go back.


Farewell bridge. This side of harbor is close to the roads and subway station. So, you can see plenty of people walking here and there, just resting nearby.

I many many pictures of birds. They were all sitting, not flying, and watching their backs while I was wandering around. I think it’s cute when they sit, resisting the wind. And trying to get themselves warm.

Hunters always hunt. Like the way they float in the sky.

In summer I am sure there are some cruise ships, you stand there, waiting or your queue. But as I mentioned before, now the harbor is dead.

Even the hotel is almost dead. There was no one in the lobby.

And this is my last sushi meal in Japan. THIS is the thing I will always miss. The best seafood in the world.

Some guys asked me to make a pic of school girls. So, that’s their usual dress code. In Yokohama I noticed girls try to wear shorter dresses than in other places I’d visited. My Japanese female friends told me girls wear dresses to make their legs look longer, because typical Japanese girl is not tall.

And that’s the culture of separation of garbage. For Russia it is still a dream. Here it is reality.

Well, I think you liked my route, my trip and read, checked the pics at least. Next posts will be with my short movies me and my pals shot here, practicing our directing, acting, script writing, cameraman skills. I will explain in details what is the meaning between each of our work.


Still with you since 2015.



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