Japanese stories. 03

Hi again!

Well, again I failed to fulfill my promise. Disappeared for a long time. What happened last month? The most annoying and major event happened was the crash of my HDD. I lost tons of photos and videos, software, documents. Photos, music, films I backuped as well as documents. But I didn’t back them up recently. So, here is the only backup of my Japanese photos from Osaka, Kyoto, beginning of the trip.

As you know these kind of events change the plans. As I lost most of my footage for the amateur movies we make, that was disappointing. Anyways I’m back and will tell you about my trip to Nagoya.

By some mysterious reason I forgot to mention the place I stayed in Kyoto. It’s Guest House Kyoto Inn. You can find it on booking.com. A nice place with nice and kind crew. Guys from Iran by the way. They recommend where to go, provide all the info about temples, day pass for the bus, where to find public bath, etc. The place is located in a small neighborhood near the railway. For me it was the perfect spot because I had to leave Kyoto by train and then go to the random stop and wait for the bus.

On the stop I found the small cafe with a bunch of middle aged Japanese. The lady gave me coffee and tried to ask some questions. Of course she didn’t speak much English. During breakfast I noticed the morning news in Japan. Was funny to watch that the most horrible event recently is the bus that occasionally opened the luggage storage and suitcases fell off. I wish one day in Russia such news would be the most tragic ones.

Near the bus stop there is a small police station and police stand. Here you can see people missing, people suspected in committing crimes. Pay attention how many kids are missing. One some other stands I saw some pics of suspected perverts…

This is Nagoya. On the second picture above is the photo of highway I was waiting my bus on. The trip was not very long. Around 10 o’clock I was already in Nagoya. Beautiful city with many business buildings. I found it not that full of life as Osaka, but still very comfortable and interesting to explore, not overcrowded like Tokyo.

Glass towers everywhere. But anyways all the business buildings look very organic in the city. It’s not like in Shanghai or China in general where world of glass buildings are near the world of concrete. It’s more esthetic here.

In Nagoya there are series of channels. I didn’t find any channel spot like in Osaka when people make billions of photos and selfies at night.

This photo I made in honor of my blog creator — Rabadan Gatamov aka @Kubik_Rabik. Check his instagram by the way. 

In the evening Nagoya was not that crowded as Tokyo. Of course some streets were full of people hanging out. However it was easy to find piece in the city.

There in the evening everything was like Kaosan road in Bangkok, many places to have dinner, almost all the cafes were full.

Oh! This is funny. To the right you can see cosplay cafe. You pay and enter the cafe with girls dressed as anime characters. They serve you, have a talk, blah-blah. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t there but my friend did go.

Parking in the middle of the city. You drive your car inside then it goes to one of the floors. Very convenient and fast.

Another TV tower of Japan. Nagoya one. I have no idea why they like same looking towers. They’re everywhere.

I got a ride on the observation wheel. It is built on the side of one of the malls. For the first time in my life I saw something like that. The ticket is cheap, almost no people visit it except some couples and middle aged people riding alone.

Oh! This is hot springs place in Nagoya. This place is for yakuza, I was bathing with three guys covered fully with tattoos. It was funny to see their reaction to my tattoos.

I noticed any place in the dressing room has an ashtray. People usually like to smoke after bathing. Fan requires two coins to work.

This is how the entrance to the springs looks like. To the right you can see lockers. Usually people don’t put something unnecessary in lockers. Door to the left leads to steam bath.

Simple instructions about how to behave in the sento-onsen (hot springs). There many rules. Never be loud, be careful to the others, do not go into hot springs in swimsuit, etc.

This is how the hot springs place looks from the outside. Even standing on the street nearby you can smell bath.While walking around I saw the march of protesters against Sindzo Abe policies. 

This is Nagoya castle. I liked it less than one in Osaka. Anyways it’s cool to visit and read huge amounts of materials about the castle history and generations of it’s commanders.

View from above. Nagoya is not very a city of skyscrapers.

This little Chinese guy tried to see how hard it is to move stone blocks the castle is made of.

Walking around near the temples. There were MANY people, especially young ones, couples, families. Together they all went to the temple to prey for their ancestors.

This is the pic made in the morning around 5AM. As I told there are many massage salons in Nagoya in the center, but most of these massage places has «special massage» what means some sexual service. In the morning when you see all the girls coming back home, you understand most of them are from Philippines or Malaysia. No Japanese unfortunately.



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